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The Meble Siudy company was founded in 1983.

From the very beginning, our most important criterion was the quality of our products. We treated each client individually, listened to his needs, requirements for his dream home, office and even store furniture. This is how we operate today.
These processes plus a bit of luck allowed the conversion of a home carpentry into a rapidly growing company. We are in the middle of our business, we have set goals and strive to achieve them in the best and fastest way possible.
That's all about us and what we can offer you.
We have a machinery park enabling the production of any furniture designed by you. Qualified employees work for us. All based on the Gemba Kaizen process. Thesis enabling optimization of the wooden furniture production process.

What can we offer:
- initial design and photorealistic product visualization
- production of wooden furniture in an automated manner
- packing and marking of each furniture separately
- supply chain based on products manufactured in Poland

We have a zone for producing upholstered furniture. The zone will allow the production of any furniture with the main element upholstery, e.g.
- sofas
- armchairs
- chairs
- beds
- many other

All interested are invited to cooperation.

Tomasz Siudy

Tomasz Siudy - Meble Siudy

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